How to Create Smooth Numbers Transitioning For Your Site – Website Design Article

One of the effective ways to make a presentation of numerical information more interesting is by adding a transition animation. Creating a transition animation can be done with javascript, but the coding will take you a long time. For a quicker alternative, try Odometer. Odometer is a javascript plugin that can help you make your numerical information more attractive with smooth transitions and cool themes. It’s easy to set up and is supported on many current browsers. Recommended Reading: How…

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Beginner’s Guide to Using Handlebars.js – Website Design Article

In this post, we are going to look into Handlebars, a JavaScript templating engine based on Mustache. It shares the same functionalities with Mustache but sports a number of new features. Handlebars is a handful templating tool particularly for displaying a data serial in a form of JSON, which is today is a common data-formatting form used in a web application API. Check out this introductory post, which explains JSON really well. In this article, we are going to walk…

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Source Code Comment Styling: Tips and Best Practices – Website Design Article

Developers who have spent any time on large projects understand the importance of code comments. When you’re building many features into the same application, things tend to get complicated. There are so many data bits including functions, variable references, return values, parameters… how are you expected to keep up? It should come as no surprise that commenting your code is essential, both solo and team projects. But many developers are unaware of how to go about this process. I’ve outlined…

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