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How to Tackle a Python Interview — SitePoint – Website Design Article

Have you cleared the first round of calls with HR? Are you going for a Python interview in person? If you’re wondering what Python-related questions may be asked, this guide should help. In the first section, we’ll discuss a few questions about Python’s philosophy — those that help you make decisions about the architecture of a project. In the next section, we cover questions related to the Pythonic way of programming — which may manifest in the form of review…

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How to Beat 5 Common JavaScript Interview Challenges — SitePoint – Website Design Article

The ways tech interviews are being carried out has been at the center of much controversy for a while now. It’s a sensitive topic, especially when it comes to coding challenges. Not all companies use the same screening process, but for the most part, expect to be asked to solve a coding challenge, either on a suitable platform or on the dreaded whiteboard. One complaint that’s usually made against coding challenges is that they’re mostly irrelevant to the day-to-day tasks…

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