Toolset – The Ultimate WordPress No-Code Builder Toolbox? – WordPress Website Design Article

This post was updated in March 2019 with a new 20% discount, updated descriptions, new Toolset tools, as well as new showcase examples that show the true power of this suite of plugins. Build complete WordPress sites without coding. Is that really possible? The Toolset plugins from OnTheGoSystems promise that yes, it is possible. Toolset is a collection of WordPress plugins that let you build virtually anything without coding. We’ve been using these plugins for a while across a variety of…

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10 Unique + Innovative Website Layout Ideas – Website Design Article

On: 27 Feb 2019 Category: Layouts Length: 6 min read The idea has been floating around for a while – web design has a sameness that’s just kind of boring. Let’s dive into some unique and innovative website layouts that can break the mold! Blame user patterns, too many projects for too few designers, or just the desire of clients to have their site looks like something they’ve already seen and understand. But all is not lost. Even though some…

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