How To Teach Keyboarding In Schools, And Why It Is So Important – WordPress Website Design Article

Keyboarding is a physical and mental skill that is essential in the 21st century. Reasons abound why touch typing is preferable to the hunt-and-peck method of typing, but primarily, the use of muscle memory to practice touch typing makes typing immediate, easy, and accurate. Consistent use of the keyboard will lead to mastery and unconscious retention of where each letter is on the keyboard. This style of typing leverages the use of muscle memory, which means as you type with…

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A Course About CSS Layout and Animations – Website Design Article

Christina Gorton just released a new course called CSS Layout and Animations as a part of Design+Code, which is a $9/month. That includes a ton of video training on everything from stuff like this to React to Sketch to iOS development… and beyond! Christina approaches the course with my favorite way to learn this stuff: by starting from a lovely design and then pulling it off with code. That’s Figma as the design tool, which is another tool I love.…

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How to Find a Development Mentor — SitePoint – Website Design Article

Most professional environments are familiar with the concept of mentoring. We could define mentoring as pairing up someone who’s in the process of learning a trade with a more experienced colleague who can provide help, inspiration, and constructive criticism. How does mentoring work in the coding world? Is it beneficial? How can you find great mentors? Is Finding a Mentor Important for Developers? Alec McGuffey, from RookieUp, points out how some research studies show that one-on-one learning with a tutor…

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