DRYing Up CSS – DZone Web Dev – Website Design Article

DRYing up CSS Albert Einstein once said, “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” For the longest time, I did not understand what he was trying to convey, but then I started interpreting it by testing its applicability in aspects of my life. My interpretation has since been ‘de-duplicate and reuse.’ I have since been able to go lean to a good extent on many things I do. Be it all the stuff I have in my basement, in my closet, or…

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Why I Hated NodeJS, Gulp, And Sass, And What I’m Doing About It – WordPress Website Design Article

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tout yourself as a true “Pro” in the WordPress web development scene without some form of contact with these NodeJS powered package managers, task managers, and build tools. We’ve gone from debating our favorite code editors to arguing over which CSS pre-processor is king. Life was so much easier when all we had to deal with was a simple folder filled with CSS, PHP, and JS files. Or at least that’s what it feels like…

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