Why Do Older People Need Technology? – Website Design Article

The article tells about the pluses of technologies for older people, especially, in the sense of tablets and games. Games can help to communicate with friends, relax, train brain activity and just entertain. Technological Solutions for Older people We tend to associate the new technological world with the younger generation, but older people, surprisingly, also find common ground with modern technologies. For example, 59% of Americans aged 65 and older use the Internet regularly, and 77% of this population use…

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List Of The Best Wedding Technology Trends In 2019 – Website Design Article

Find some of the best wedding tech trends in 2019 from our highly recommended list. Great ideas to give your wedding the extra sparkle it needs. Technology is changing every aspect of our lives and making seemingly mundane activities easier and much more fun. There’s no reason we shouldn’t apply this to our weddings to make them even more interesting for couples and their guests. There’s so much wedding tech out there; it would be a shame not to use…

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The In-Depth Guide to Interpersonal Communication – Website Design Article

Today, going by the technologies, means of communications is at its peak but it’s a woe that most of us are unable to keep the pace with the interpersonal communication skills. Great communication skills separate the extraordinary from the good and the good from the ordinary. It is essential for career growth, a better understanding and self-expression. This can be practiced via talking, listening, writing, reading, body language or even interpersonal chemistry for some. Communication is an art as well…

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The A – Z Guide Of Email Etiquette – Website Design Article

Ray Tomlinson died in 2016 with a heart attack! So, what’s a big deal? As almost thousands of individuals die from the heart attack each year globally. The fact is that after his death; he left behind the legacy of inter-personal communication which will live for years from now. Yes! He was the man behind one of the most used and preferred forms of communication i.e. Email. Tomlinson was the first ever human to send an Email over a computer…

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