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Uncombine Responsive Menu In Genesis – WordPress Website Design Article

Premium Member? – Request custom code This solution enables you to uncombine menus which display in the responsive toggle menu. By default, the Magazine Pro child theme combines the primary, header & secondary menus in the responsive menu. You can see the code for this between lines 118 – 120 in functions.php. Other themes may also include this code in a different position in the child themes functions file. To remove 1 or more menus from the responsive toggle menu,…

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Add Star Rating To Genesis Featured Posts Widget – WordPress Website Design Article

The code in this download folder adds an extra setting to the Genesis Featured Posts widget to Show Star Rating for each post. You can then add a rating from 1 – 5 for each post assigned to the reviews category. Here’s what it looks like on the front end : The rating is added using custom fields like this : You can also add the rating and review system using ACF or gravity forms which enables front end users…

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