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The Best WordPress Media Library Management Plugins – WordPress Website Design Article

Textual content is no longer enough to entice users. While this may seem like a recent trend, the importance of rich media was analyzed in as early as 2011. Websites need to have a mix of texts, images, videos, and other types of evolved rich media like GIFs and vines. Only then can they attract readers and give them what they need. But this need to publish richer and creative content comes with the responsibility of handling them. You need to…

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5+ Best Free WordPress Media Manager Plugins – WordPress Website Design Article

As a webmaster, you might want to add lots of media to make your WordPress website visually appealing and engaging. While doing so, your website might contain thousands of media files and the default media library provided by WordPress might become unorganized and messy. Additionally, you might also face difficulties searching for your old media. So, to save for time search for your media files and keep your them in an organized way, using WordPress media manager plugins can a…

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