3 UX Lessons to Learn from Netflix – Website Design Article

There’s a reason consumers are drawn to streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go. And it’s not just the fact that the combined cost of these services is often cheaper than many cable packages. If we look at this from a design perspective, there’s definitely something about the way the user experiences are designed that makes them more attractive than other movie or TV viewing options. Especially Netflix. Today, I want to put the spotlight on Netflix and…

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The Hidden Costs of Minimalism in Design – Website Design Article

Minimalism often comes with a hidden cost to users Minimalism is a trend that has largely defined the best part of the last decade. Its rise to prominence came as a reaction to the abundance of heavy styling which preceded it. It offered a simpler and cleaner design direction for websites and interfaces. Web and app designs became less complex in terms of styling, speeding up development time and resulting in digital products that loaded quicker. As a… This is…

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