Mixed Reality

World’s First Mixed Reality Accelerator Will Make the Tech Spread like Wildfire – Website Design Article

The business and the academia do get together from time to time. Oftentimes, the result of such collaboration yields fruits that would not be possible to achieve in other way. Now, the time has come for a Mixed Reality accelerator. The initiative is said to help to develop commercial applications for Microsoft HoloLens. As a University, it’s important for us to not only lead from the front when it comes to cutting-edge technologies but also to look at how those…

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How to Improve Teamwork with Mixed Reality? – Website Design Article

Mixed Reality with HoloLens brings holographic technology to life — and it can help you to carry out teamwork and external meetings in a way that was not possible before. Mixed Reality technology mixes people, places, and objects from the digital world with the physical world. It becomes a blended, holographic environment, where you can not only create but also interact in a new way. Or, rather, a way that — so far — we were only aware of thanks…

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