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Test in Production with CloudBees Rollout Feature Flags – Website Design Article

Releasing software is inherently risky business. While providing new features is great, it also has the potential to cause unforeseen issues for users. When that happens, you might find yourself scrambling to roll back the update and subsequently head back to the drawing board. To minimize risk, you need a smarter solution. Enter CloudBees Rollout, an enterprise feature flag management system that separates releases from deployments. Features are released through progressive delivery, resulting in a faster and safer process. Even…

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Your Mobile App Needs a Soul – Website Design Article

We have paid a lot of attention to the functional layer of technology, slightly forgetting about its emotional one. Technology is constantly integrating into every aspect of our lives. Emotionally intelligent interactions with our devices are shaping the future of our mobile devices. Emotionally intelligent design has positioned itself as one of the best mobile UX design principles and practices. It’s not about just evoking emotion, but also about considering it in all its unique forms when we experience technology.…

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How Are In-App Gestures Shaping User Experience? – Website Design Article

Remember the time when hovering and clicking using the mouse were the most used triggers for interaction with a website or mobile app? Forget about those days. The game changed when Apple introduced the first fully touchscreen smartphone in 2007. Since that time gestures have become the new clicks, and they still are one of the hottest trends in UI design today. These intuitively understandable gestures have dramatically changed the way we think about interaction with our mobile devices. The…

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