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The Adapter Pattern in Swift – Website Design Article

At iOS App Templates, we are building fully coded mobile templates written in Swift to help developers and entrepreneurs create their minimum viable products more quickly. Part of our mission is to provide highly modularized source code so that developers can easily customize and adapt our code to fit their needs. In this article, we are going to talk about the adapter pattern, which we widely use in our Xcode projects. The Adapter Pattern in Swift In software engineering, the…

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Lessons Learned Building Large-Scale React Native Apps – Website Design Article

We’ve built a number of great mobile applications on React Native. We recently wrapped up one of the largest we’ve done here at SmartLogic — largest in terms of user base, navigation depth, redux state, and sagas. With every app, our list of best practices and little tricks that work well for us grows, but with the larger apps, there are some additional best practices we’ve recently settled on. We took some time to reflect back on some of the…

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