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Should You Use a Multilingual WordPress Plugin or Hire a Translator? – WordPress Website Design Article

If English is the predominant language in your country, you probably didn’t think twice about using it for your website. However, if you don’t translate your site into other languages as well, you could miss out on significant opportunities to increase its traffic and conversions. Fortunately, there are plenty of multilingual plugins for WordPress that can translate your site quickly and with minimal effort. Alternatively, you could hire a translator who can incorporate the idiosyncrasies of another language into your…

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Manual & Automatic Translations for your WordPress Site – WordPress Website Design Article

Creating a multilingual website is a great way to reach a wider audience and expand your business into new markets. Once your business reaches a certain point in your original language, you may find yourself wanting to branch out and reach a wider range of customers. You can always tackle new niches or become more aggressive in the way you approach advertising and marketing. A simpler approach, however, may be to translate your entire site into another language and target…

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