Why Are Chatbots Important to Business Websites? – Deluxe Blog Tips – WordPress Website Design Article

Chatbots are all the rage in website trends. Chatbots are software that respond to queries and are programmed to mimic human responses to create human-like conversations. If you visited a website or social media page and a chat box immediately pops up, it’s most likely a chatbot.Chatbots have been integrated into popular messaging apps namely Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp and etc. Even though they are relatively new, website owners of all kinds, especially business websites are all rushing to deploy chatbots.In…

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WPML, qTranslate or Polylang – Which to Choose and Why? (2019) – WordPress Website Design Article

Home / Plugins / WPML, qTranslate X or Polylang – The Three Most Popular Multilingual WordPress Plugins Compared (2019) By Joe Fylan Last updated: March 31, 2019 If you want to publish your content in more than one language, the most common approach is to create a multilingual website. As you’d expect, WordPress boasts a number of excellent purpose-built multilingual/translation plugins to help with this. In this article, we’ll be exploring and comparing: WPML, qTranslate XT, and Polylang — arguably…

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What’s The Best WordPress Translation Plugin? 5 Options Compared – WordPress Website Design Article

It’s a global world, and if you want your website to be ready to greet people who speak different languages, you’ll need a WordPress translation plugin. Translating your WordPress site is a big endeavor. This isn’t like swapping out one contact form plugin for another – you really need to dig in and make sure that you’ve picked the right long-term solution before you put hours and hours into translating your WordPress site. To help you pick the best WordPress…

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