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Some Reading for February 2020 – WordPress Website Design Article

This year, one of the things I’m trying to do is revive the whole Must Read articles that I used to write.With it being the second month of the year, I can say that I’ve had a 100% success rate in doing that so long as I actually publish this post (which, given that read you’re reading it, I have). Reading for February 2020The short collection of links and resources come from all over the web – some from Twitter,…

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Some Reading for January 2020 – WordPress Website Design Article

Remember at the end of 2019, I talked about reviving some of the Must Read articles that I used to write way-back-when?Though the month isn’t over yet, I’ve got plenty of stuff that I’ve found useful to fill the first month of the year and thought I’d go ahead and share it here. Reading for January 2020The following comes from a variety of sources. Some are from colleagues, some are from friends, some from Twitter, some from my own reading.…

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Resources for Reading Before 2020 – WordPress Website Design Article

I’m not one for setting specific goals or making resolutions at the end of the year. But when I look back at this blog and how it changed over the course of 2019, it’s evident that I blogged far less than I did in previous years.There are several factors for this, none of which are bad, just the changing nature of life, work, and all that.But I was hard, ahem, pressed to set a goal for this blog in the…

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