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Why Wix’s response to WordPress re GPL license is weak – WordPress Website Design Article

Over the weekend, WordPress co-creator Matt Mullenweg called out Wix for using some of WordPress’ Open Source, GPL-licensed code in an improper fashion in their new mobile app; and also for ripping off the WordPress brand by calling Wix “WixPress.” Here’s Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami’s response, and here’s why it’s problematic: Wix should have provided GPL attribution Matt said Wix should have provided proper attribution to WordPress for the code used in the mobile app. Abrahami does not address this.…

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Should you build your website on WordPress or Wix? – WordPress Website Design Article

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Wix, WordPress, the Open Source GPL license, marketing and PR. Because I came out strongly in favor of Matt Mullenweg’s position regarding GPL on that post, many may have deduced that I think WordPress is the best website platform and always the best choice. I don’t. In fact, when clients approach us about building their websites, I often tell them that we-and-WordPress are not the right choice for them, and they should consider…

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