Nginx Configuration to Working with WordPress – Website Design Article

Nginx is a high-performance web server, in fact some people call it better than Apache. I also think so. Nginx has good performance and potential. In the future, nginx will replace the apache web server. Unfortunately, configuring Nginx is not as easy as Apache. For some CMS, special configuration is needed, such as wordpress. Nginx needs to be configured in order to work with wordpress. Because of that, until now there is no shared hosting using Nginx as the default…

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htaccess – WordPress Multisite query parameters – WordPress Website Design Article

Am currently having an issue with the redirection of query parameters on a multisite. I have embedded an Angular App inside an iframe and have a script to assign the query parameters of the app to the host page (deeplinking). The issue here is, the WP multisite redirects the assigned iframe query parameters to host page back to the main embed app page instead and hence, users are forced to restart their in-app journey. Could this be related to multisite…

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