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How to Create an Effective One-Page Website – WordPress Website Design Article

Sometimes, one page is all your website really needs. However, designing an effective one-page site requires special considerations – not least of which is deciding whether you should actually create one in the first place. Of course, no one format is perfect for every website, and one-page sites have many pros and cons. However, they can be very useful in the right situations and are often best designed similarly to a landing page. By thinking about how you’ll ‘funnel’ the visitor down…

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15 Stunning Examples of What You Need to See in a One-Page Website Design – Website Design Article

5 Critical Elements that Can Make or Break Your Design At first glance, designing a one-page website would seem to be intuitively easy. Especially, when compared to building a multi-pager. Designing one page takes one-third the effort of designing three pages – right? In reality, designing a single-pager is generally much more difficult. The challenge you face is having to get all the necessary information on a single page. At the same time, you need to make sure the page…

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