noindex – WordPress/Yoast: How to solve the problem with pagination page? – WordPress Website Design Article

before I switched to YOAST, I was using All in One SEO but I got some huge problems with it. There were incompatiblliys which made it impossible to further use this plugin. Anyways, I’m facing a problem with pagination on my website. Here the example: Start: Pagination: This /page/2 produces problems in regards of SEO: double content, double h1, double description, and so on. With all in one SEO I was able to set a term to no…

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How to Paginate Comments in WordPress (Step by Step) – WordPress Website Design Article

Have you noticed that your blog posts with a lot of comments load slower than other posts? That’s because loading so many comments increase server load which increases your average page load time. Having a lot of comments is a good thing because it means that your users are engaged with your content. Your most commented posts are usually the most popular posts on your blog. However if a lot of comments are slowing down your website, then it can…

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