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Copy Front Page Template With Unique Widget Areas Using Different Background Images – Parallax Pro – WordPress Website Design Article

Premium Member? – Request custom code This page template in this download folder can be used once only to make an exact copy of the Parallax Pro themes front page. Note : If you want to copy the front page template for use on more than 1 page, use this version instead. The code adds custom widget areas enabling you to add unique content to each section. The solution also adds a new section to the customizer enabling you to…

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Replace Video With Image On Mobiles Behind Parallax Pro Themes Home Section 1 Widget – WordPress Website Design Article

Need Code? – Request a Tutorial This solution extends the code in this tutorial which replaces the home section 1 background image with a video. In this case, the background image is only replaced with your video on desktops when the screen width is above 860px. By default, Parallax Pro theme replaces the desktop menu with a mobile menu below 860px. Here’s the desktop ( above 860px width ) view on the left and the mobile ( below 860px width…

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Add Centric Pro Scroll Down Arrow To Parallax Pro – WordPress Website Design Article

This tutorial shows you how to add the down arrow from the Centric Pro child theme to the Home Section 1 widget area in the Parallax Pro child theme by StudioPress. Here’s an example of where you can position the arrow : Demo Video # Shows the arrow which enables scrolling smoothly from section 1 to section 2 on the Parallax Pro themes front page widgets. Code Installation # There’s 3 steps relating to usage of the files inside the…

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