Affinity Photo vs Photoshop: Should You Switch? – Website Design Article

On: 25 Mar 2019 Category: Software Length: 4 min read Affinity Photo has been receiving rave reviews from designers and photographers alike, looking for a photo editing software solution that’s not crazy-expensive but has in-demand features. But can it replace Photoshop? While Affinity Photo isn’t super-cheap, you only have to buy the software (and any add-ons you like) just once, making it a somewhat viable option if you don’t like the monthly subscription fees that come with Adobe Photoshop. Here’s…

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How to Create Your Own Stock Photos With Photo Creator – Website Design Article

On: 1 Mar 2019 Category: Reviews Length: 3 min read The problem with stock photos has always been that they are never quite what you envision. The new Photo Creator tool from Icons8 solves that dilemma. This neat tool actually allows you to create stock photos with elements that you can choose, move, and place inside a basic scene. The result is a “semi-stock” photo that does exactly what you need to tell a story in your design project. Here’s…

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Visual Content Marketing Strategy: Why You Should Use A Photo Gallery – WordPress Website Design Article

We’ve all heard of content marketing! It’s the idea behind using content to improve your SEO, boost your traffic, build your relationship with your audience … you get the idea. But what is visual content marketing? And how can it help you? What is Visual Content Marketing? Visual Content Marketing Use photos, graphs and other visual content to make a statement.   This form of content marketing makes use of images, video or other visual aids to convey information about…

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