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How to Customize WordPress Emails with Profile Builder Pro – WordPress Website Design Article

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to customize WordPress emails of different types, so you can control each type of email you need to send to your users. Trying to customize WordPress Registration Email normally means copy-pasting a custom function into the functions.php file and then modifying it to fit your project. But what often happens is that you’re not sure how to implement this because you’re not a developer and you’re not sure how to use the…

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How to Create a Custom WordPress Registration Form – WordPress Website Design Article

There are tons of scenarios where you might need to create a custom WordPress registration form for your website. For example, you might need to allow members to register for your membership program, create profiles, sign up for an online course, or create an account to join discussion boards or forums. Creating a custom WordPress registration form gives you better control over the information you collect from users. In addition to this, you can tweak the form however you’d like…

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How to Create a Custom WordPress Login Page – WordPress Website Design Article

Depending on the type of site you’re running, there are several reasons why you might want to create a custom WordPress login page. Done right, it can help you minimize hacking risks and related security issues and improve privacy. And if you’re a design agency, you might need to white-label the login page for your clients. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a custom WordPress login page using the Profile Builder Pro plugin. We’ll also walk you…

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How to Create Your WordPress User Custom Profile Page – WordPress Website Design Article

Although WordPress is the most popular content management system out there, it lacks some basic features – specifically, front-end user management. In other words, WordPress doesn’t let users view or modify their user profile information from the front-end. While there are plenty of features for users in the WordPress back-end, extending the same to the front-end isn’t easy. For example, adding custom WordPress user profile fields to the front-end using a custom page template or through code isn’t exactly a…

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Add Users on Map in WordPress – Tutorial – WordPress Website Design Article

Projects where you need to add users on map in WordPress can require more time for development as you need to deal with more then just a Google Maps with some POI’s on it. While it’s not really a technical problem, the extra time can eat into the existing budget for the project or even increase it. WordPress map plugins are one thing, but to add users on map in WordPress requires a different setup: you need the possibility for…

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How we increased Profile Builder’s usability by acting on user feedback – WordPress Website Design Article

Improving your product’s user experience is an ongoing task. Or at least, it should be. Adding feature after feature in the hope of attracting more customers can easily become the norm and usability starts suffering. Without focusing on the big picture and constantly asking why, it’s easy to get off track. We’re guilty of it as well. Usability, or simply put, ease of use, should be your number one priority.  Trying to be everything for everyone is a clear path…

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Profile Builder Customization Toolbox – Cozmoslabs – WordPress Website Design Article

Through the years of doing support for our WordPress plugins we received numerous requests for little features or customizations that our clients wanted. All of our products make use WordPress actions and filters, so for many of the available functionalities, you can change the outcome or modify it to your liking using a hook. While searching for and using hooks isn’t a problem for users with developer experience, our customer base is large and has different qualifications. There’s always the…

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Admin Approval on Edit Profile fields with Profile Builder – WordPress Website Design Article

We are happy to announce the release of the Edit Profile Approved by Admin Add-on for Profile Builder. The Add-on extends the functionality of Profile Builder by enabling admin approval on edit profile fields. Until the fields have been approved the old values will be displayed for everyone else. The functionality of the add-on has multiple use cases, some of them would be:– be sure that users don’t change fields in their profile, that show up on your site, to…

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