40+ SaaS Products We Use to Grow Our Web Hosting Company (2020) – WordPress Website Design Article

Twenty years ago, 99% of business owners would stare blankly into space if you mentioned the acronym SaaS. These days it’s almost impossible to run a business without using at least one of the many SaaS products available on the market. In 2019, companies with 0-50 employees used, on average, 40 SaaS products. That’s almost as many as many SaaS subscriptions as employees. Average number of SaaS products per company And this isn’t a bad thing. If you’re stuck using…

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7 Key Principles of SaaS Marketing (With Formulas, Examples, and Tools) – WordPress Website Design Article

Software-as-a-service startups have become a staple of the new cloud-based economy. There are an estimated 10,000 private SaaS companies, and 50 publicly traded giants with a total market cap of over $225 billion. 10 Largest SaaS Companies And what do these companies have in common? They leveraged what is usually referred to as SaaS marketing. But what’s SaaS marketing it? What do you need to measure to succeed and what channels perform better than others to sell your SaaS product?…

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