Why Scrum is Crucial to your product and some pitfalls may happen to your Scrum plan – Website Design Article

According to a report conducted in 2018 by Scrum Alliance about practicing Scrum worldwide, 94% of respondents use Scrum in their working process. So two questions may bump up in your mind is that why there are so many companies buy in this method, and what mistakes a team could make when applying it. The article below  by Designveloper may help you solve these puzzles. Don’t forget to follow our blog and like Designveloper fanpage to update more and more interesting…

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How to apply Scrum into your Software Development Company – Website Design Article

After introducing Agile in the previous blog “What is Agile Software development?”, we will talk about how to apply the Scrum framework in your software development company effectively. If you are a company which is about to adopt Scrum then this article is for you! 1. What do you need to know about Scrum? a. What is Scrum? It is essential to mention that the philosophy of Agile is all the tasks, whether it’s big or small, all must be completed by…

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5 Things You Should Know about Developing a Healthcare App – Website Design Article

When everyone gives serious attention to their health, the digital medical care industry is growing bigger and bigger every year. In 2018, it was estimated to be valued at US$28.320 billion. The cake is still there to take home, so are you ready to start a million-worth hi-tech healthcare system? Here are the 5 things Designveloper believe that you should acknowledge before developing this type of product. 1. Do not rely on only developers, experts from the healthcare industry are…

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