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Lead Generation – noupe – Website Design Article

Lead generation is a critical step in the marketing process, but more important, it’s fundamental to business growth. In fact, a study by Marketo showed that companies with sound lead generation practices achieved at least 133 percent more revenue than enterprises that don’t have good techniques in place. And while business owners from organizations big and small, as well as marketers at all stages in their careers, say they understand the key role lead generation plays in boosting the bottom line, they…

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Why Bother User Experience? Basic UX Principles for SEO Experts & Business Owners – Website Design Article

Over the years, there has been a dramatic change in the expectations of people who purchase online; thus, impacting user experience principles followed by businesses drastically. When the concept of the online market was in the beginning stage, no one knew what exactly to expect from these online merchants. However, today, customers are well-informed and trained as well in terms of accepting sellers. With customers becoming smarter, search engines have improved their algorithms to display information on the basis of…

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