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How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress That Sells – Deluxe Blog Tips – WordPress Website Design Article

A landing page is a fascinating marketing tool. It is a single web-page that has a particular goal. It can be created to sell products, services, or encourage customers to sign-up for newsletters. It can dramatically increase website conversions and sales. Whether it is a reputable academic essay writing service, well-known affiliate marketing web-page or a simple e-commerce site, any will benefit from an attractive landing page. To be successful, it should be built wisely and have a clear message.…

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Introducing Slim SEO – The SEO Plugin For WordPress You’ve Been Waiting For – Deluxe Blog Tips – WordPress Website Design Article

SEO is important for all websites and SEO plugins are essential for WordPress websites. But what’s the suitable SEO plugin for you? Why another SEO plugin for WordPress? I’ve been using Yoast SEO plugin for years. Before that, I use All-In-One SEO Pack. Both are great plugins for WordPress. However, I feel they’re some kind of bloated plugins, especially Yoast SEO where you see a lot of banners, links to their website. I’ve been wanting something minimal and just works…

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