Solopreneur Journey

Freelancer Feast And Famine – WordPress Website Design Article

If you work for yourself, you will be well aware of the freelancer feast and famine cycle. You take on a project and get a payment.  You then do your thing, for your clients, and there is no further payment or new projects until you complete that piece of work. We get the feast a deposit payment and final payment then there is the famine phase where we get no more cash until the work is done. Here’s What It…

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Diary Mapping – WordPress Website Design Article

Back in 2012 I was spinning lots of plates and a number of them were crashing down around my ankles. I was suffering from to-do overload and I realised I needed a new way to manage my to do list. I was and still am a huge fan of mind maps and I was wondering if I could merge that with the to-do list in my diary. 2013 came around and I implemented a system I have come to call…

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Sometimes YOU Need To Be YOUR Own Client – WordPress Website Design Article

Once you have been working as a client service Freelancer for some time, you reach a point where you have a full roster of clients and things are rolling along nicely. A byproduct of your success is that you get less and less time to work on your own internal projects.  In this post I want to suggest that sometimes you should be setting aside time for your internal projects as if you were your own client. “Work expands to…

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