Finding Your Niche – Discovering Great Online Business Ideas – Website Design Article

Trying to start a business can be a challenging experience. Some people have a million ideas and don’t know what to choose or where to start. Others can’t seem to come up with any ideas that seem good enough to move on. You may have heard before that it’s not the idea but the execution that makes a successful business, and that is true, but starting from a good foundation will make that journey much easier. Here are some tips…

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Finding Creative Blog Names – A Guide to Great Name Ideas – Website Design Article

Picking a great blog name (or name for your online business or tool) can be a difficult task. So many names are taken and it often seems that there’s nothing good left. The good news is that there are some strategies you can use to find creative blog names and then you can move on to building your awesome business. Why Blog Names Matter The benefit of having a good blog name is that it’ll stick with people as you…

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Starting a WordPress Site – An Easy Guide to Getting Hosting Setup – Website Design Article

The first big jump to getting your web business going is setting up your website. This means getting a domain name and a place to host your site. This guide will walk you through starting a WordPress site by making these decisions and get you up and running quickly. Then you can spend your time building out your idea. Choosing a Domain The first thing you should figure out is what you’d like to use for a domain name. If you’re…

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