Startup Journey

Getting Out Of My Own Way – WordPress Website Design Article

As my agency grows at WP Dude, I’m finding I have to get out of my own way a lot. We have too many moving parts for me to touch everything that comes through my business. It’s like a plate juggling act, if I try to control everything eventually plates will begin to drop and smash on the floor. I’ve recruited a team who can deliver, so I need to pass the work onto them and trust them to get…

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Centralising All Communication – WordPress Website Design Article

One of the things I have been working on, as my agency grows, is centralising all communications into one place. Information needs to be shared and passed between team members, so it is crucial to have all that information in one place. In this post I want to talk about the tools and techniques we use at WP Dude to mange our client projects and maintenance communication from one place. Private Silos Before I made these changes, communication was going…

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Do You Automate Client Onboarding? – WordPress Website Design Article

Do you automate client onboarding? When a new client or customers signs up for your service or product, do you send out a series of updates to that new client on how to get the best out your offering? For a long time this was on my to-do list, the resistance was working against me and I put it on my nice to do some day list. What Is Client Onboarding? Your client has sent in a request for a…

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