A New Way to Earn Money on — The Blog – WordPress Website Design Article

A New Way to Earn Money on With Recurring Payments, your supporters become your sustainers, and a reliable income stream frees you to push your creative boundaries. It’s hard to be creative when you’re worried about money. Running ads on your site helps, but for many creators, ad revenue isn’t enough. Top publishers and creators sustain their businesses by building reliable income streams through ongoing contributions. Our new Recurring Payments feature for and Jetpack-powered sites lets you do just…

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How to Generate Recurring Revenue with Subscription Boxes on WooCommerce – WordPress Website Design Article

As a WooCommerce store owner, understanding your customer’s needs is crucial for your business. Knowing them will help you provide better service and adjust your offerings to boost customer satisfaction and improve sales. The mantra is, make your customers happy, and you will make your store successful. An often effective yet less common approach to growing your business is to adopt the subscription business model. A subscription model helps establish a recurring revenue stream, the kind that will ensure you…

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Accepting WordPress Recurring Payments: The 110% Guide – WordPress Website Design Article

Droves of WordPress professionals are building businesses that focuses exclusively on accepting recurring payments. Monthly recurring revenue is the holy grail. If you can attract customers to pay you every single month instead of one-time payments, you can scale that effort into a comfortable, successful and low-stress business. Most premium plugins also use this model. Most are moving away from selling one-time purchases and opting into yearly (or monthly) renewals for continued use of the plugin and ongoing support. We’ve…

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