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15 Mind-bending Three.js JavaScript Experiments – Website Design Article

3D browser animation just keeps getting more powerful, and web developers are taking an interest. WebGL, Three.js, and other JavaScript APIs and libraries have been around for a while, but many browsers and computers didn’t have the capacity to run advanced animations without significant slowdown. But as software and hardware becomes more effective at dealing with complex 3D environments, it’s now much more common to see websites rendering animations. Three.js is particularly useful thanks to its ability to run without…

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Insights from Recent Web Developer Surveys – Website Design Article

Surveys offer a wealth of extremely valuable information. For the web developing world, this can have huge implications. Have you ever wondered where the people in your field are working, what tools they’re using, and how long they’ve been in the business? What’s your competition and where should you be devoting your time? Thanks to numerous web developer surveys, all of these questions can be answered. Let’s see what insight can be gleaned from these thousands of responses. JavaScript has…

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