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Top 11 UI and UX Trends to Leverage Profits in 2019 – Website Design Article

There were 3.58 billion internet users in the year 2017. In 2018, the total number of internet users has crossed 4 billion. Since the number of internet users is increasing rapidly, businesses are understanding the importance of online presence. The small-scale businesses and startups need to focus more on website development along with a traditional way of approaching prospects. Many businesses that deal with ‘Smart’ things also consider mobile app development. The important thing here is generating online presence and…

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How We Can Improve UX Education in 2019 – Website Design Article

2018 was a banner year for UX education. With an increasing barrage of conferences, bootcamps, meetups, and mentoring, it became easier than ever for new designers to learn the trade. Prominent designers pushed for inclusivity, not just in our products but in the organizations that design them. These advances are worth celebrating. The more mainstream and inclusive experience design becomes, the better experiences we’ll produce. But as a design leader, a Springboard mentor, and a teacher of several Skillshare classes,…

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