Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Trends in 2018 – Website Design Article

Sound and vision are the two main senses being used today, but there is progress being made that will involve other senses in virtual reality. Virtual reality will become more real in the coming year, creating a more immersive experience. There is already a virtual reality scent device that can be connected to any VR headset. Tokyo-based Vaqso has designed an odor emitting attachment. The size and shape of a candy bar, this add-on can emit up to three different…

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World’s First Mixed Reality Accelerator Will Make the Tech Spread like Wildfire – Website Design Article

The business and the academia do get together from time to time. Oftentimes, the result of such collaboration yields fruits that would not be possible to achieve in other way. Now, the time has come for a Mixed Reality accelerator. The initiative is said to help to develop commercial applications for Microsoft HoloLens. As a University, it’s important for us to not only lead from the front when it comes to cutting-edge technologies but also to look at how those…

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