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How to Use Backendless With React.js – Website Design Article

React.js is one of the best and most popular front-end frameworks available for app builders. The barriers to entry in terms of understanding how to develop an app with React are very low, which is why many JavaScript developers choose the React library for web or mobile applications. It also works very well with a large number of data providers. Therefore, today we are beginning a series of articles about “How to use Backendless with ReactJS.” In this series, we…

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Switching Between .NET Core SDK Versions – Website Design Article

In this article, we’ll learn how we can switch between the versions of the .NET Core SDK as per our needs. If you have worked on one project that used .NET Core version 2.1 and then you installed .NET Core 3.0 Preview, you will get an SDK error while trying to run your .NET Core 2.1 project. This is because your current SDK version has changed to 3.0 A big advantage of .NET Core is that it installs .NET Core SDKs separately,…

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Advanced Basics: Bootstrap 4 With ASP.NET Core TagHelpers – Website Design Article

The title of this post, Advanced Basics, takes the basics and fundamental concepts of what a developer has learned, whether it be a technique or library, and extends it exponentially to advance it to be something more efficient and useful for future projects. We kick this post off by combining some Bootstrap with ASP .NET Core TagHelper goodness to provide a worthy post (maybe even a series? See below for more). With Bootstrap being the dominant CSS library for grid…

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