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Bimber WP Theme for Viral Site and Online Magazine – Website Design Article

A few years ago, to make a viral site requires experienced designers with very expensive fees. Viral site is indeed a website model that has the potential to bring visitors quickly and widely. Right now, to make a site like that it’s not too difficult because there are wordpress themes that you can use to build a viral site. Introduce the bimber wp theme. In this first edition, I will review one of the WP themes that can be used…

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Bloggingbox WP Theme for Personal Blog with Rich of Features – Website Design Article

If you want a template that has magazine features but is still suitable for personal blogs, the template that I will review this time is for you. I still categorize this wordpress theme into the personal blog category, but there are additional features like online magazine. Introducing, the name wp theme is bloggingbox made by mythemeshop. I have used this theme on the online magazine project site. Because it feels inappropriate and does not match the content of the site,…

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Woodmart WordPress eCommerce Theme for Any Product – Website Design Article

Nowadays, making an online shop is very easy. You can use WordPress with additional woocommerce to make online stores safe and good. You can get Woocommerce for free with complete features. But the drawback is the design or appearance of woocommerce is not too attractive, too rigid and less reliable as an online shop. As a result, many prospective buyers are doubtful about your online shop. In fact, the system in it is enough to serve online transactions. Woocommerce also…

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SuperOne WP Theme, Modular Concept to Build Various Website – Website Design Article

I always think wordPress is software that can build all types of sites. Initially, wordPress was specifically designed to create blogs, but due to the development of time, WordPress has turned into professionally developed software and is free to build professional and safe websites. All of that depends on the type of template you use. As I wrote yesterday, you can create an online shop using WordPress and woocommerce. Depending on the type of template you use, WordPress will be…

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CoreUI Admin Template, Powered with Bootstrap and Modern Javascript Framework – Website Design Article

Not only is the front end page enhanced, but the back end page or administration page must also have a beautiful appearance. The goal is simple, so that system users feel excited when working. In addition, a beautiful appearance will also reduce boredom and tiredness. I believe, a good design will bring a good mood too. Because of that, designers are also paid handsomely. In this edition I want to discuss one of the admin page templates that use bootstrap…

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AdminLTE Best Admin Template Build with Bootstrap 4 – Website Design Article

I am building a system that is equipped with an administration page, because of that yesterday I reviewed one of the admin templates that is quite popular, CoreUI. Now, I want to show you one of the popular admin templates, AdminLTE. This admin template is built with the latest bootstrap version. In principle the admin can be used for free, but for more sophisticated variations, there is a premium version option. For the project I’m working on, it seems like…

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Zeen WP Theme, Minimalist Online Magazine with Shop – Website Design Article

Yesterday’s Weekend I did not write a review on this blog because there were other activities that were quite attention-grabbing, namely gathering with family. Now, it’s time to write again. I want to get used to writing blogs every day as a routine activity. Did you know, by writing anything on your blog, your mind is clearer than if you don’t write. I don’t know whether the facts are true according to the research, but what I feel is that.…

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ListingPro WP Theme, Best Way to Build Directory Site with WordPress – Website Design Article

It is true what I wrote yesterday, wordpress can be used to make various types of websites. From e-commerce to personal blogs. Even WordPress can be used to build listing sites or directory site. The listing site is a kind of website that collects data from certain cities and even countries. The data is in the form of information relating to the city such as restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and even homes for sale. Actually not always related to what…

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