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Accessibility and Testing in Two Popular SPA Frameworks – Website Design Article

I love working with JavaScript frameworks. But what I love most is building an interactive user interface with flawless accessibility. You have to be user-centric while developing apps because overlooking an end-user’s perspective often leads to a half-baked idea. Considering this point of view, I found gold in Ember and Angular. These frameworks are great for building single-page applications and take accessibility to an extra mile.  Angular is built with extensive capabilities to build bug-free applications with its supportive architecture.…

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Top 10 Developers and Designer’s Pick Wireframing and Prototyping Tools – Website Design Article

Wireframing and prototyping have grown to be quite important, as they make it easier to portray ideas and also cut down on any unnecessary project costs. These tools enable us to embrace our testing before we get to the costly part of the procedure — developing working products in the medium they will be conveyed in. In this article, I will show you some top-performing prototyping and wireframing tools to incorporate into your day-to-day workflow.  Axure RP Axure is a…

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