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Agile vs DevOps: Which Software Development Methodology You Should Consider – Website Design Article

The plethora of opportunities provided by software applications is beyond imagination. One cannot take a step without looking at the apps or at least using them once. Be it entertainment, shopping, banking, connecting, messaging anything, a user has tons of options available to explore and make their life simpler and easier.  Now that we know how software apps are transforming lives, do we know what methodologies a software development company uses to make the magic happen? Big companies are in…

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10 Trends that will Shape the Landscape of Web Application Development in 2020 – Website Design Article

Web application development is set to evolve as we’re at the dawn of a new decade in 2020. There are so many things that could change the way people access web applications.  Before 2002, we only knew desktops & laptops as the mediums to access the internet and its web applications. Then came mobile phones, and we had a new way to access the web. However, the mobile web was untidy and at times, inaccessible. There seemed to be no…

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How to make your website accessible using accessiBe – Website Design Article

If you own a website and you’re from the US (or even Europe), chances are you are exposed to a potential lawsuit if your website is not accessible. The ADA or Americans with Disabilities act has brought forth web accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1 and section 508) that must be adhered.  Accessible websites are often ugly and expensive. The implementation is way too complicated, and in the end, the accessible website serves only a few. Imagine you can make your website…

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