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The Top Five In-Demand Cyber-Security Certifications – Website Design Article

These days, just about every company in the world relies on computers and Internet-related technologies to conduct their business. What’s more, for a growing number of firms– those technologies are their business. That shift has produced a global economic boom not seen since the industrial revolution, but like any other profound economic change, it has also created its share of challenges. Chief among those challenges is making sure that all of the data generated by all of that technology remains…

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What Self-Retweeting Tweets Have to Do with Front-End Security? – Website Design Article

Let’s run down the most common web security issues related to the front-end. SQL injections occur when attackers use application code to access a database. This could be done by putting a string of code in an input field on an attacked website. Well, it can even be a line of code inserted into the URL, if there’s such vulnerability. Rather than data, the database will recognize this input as a query, allowing the attackers to access the backend and…

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Best Books to Learn Ethical Hacking in 2019 – Website Design Article

Doesn’t matter if it was an elective in your college senior year or they recently made you aware of the hype surrounding the topic. The field of ethical hacking includes a plethora of opportunities and that’s why more and more people are being captivated by it. Once they develop a predilection for it, then they take the next step to engross themselves in White Hat hacking (a term used to describe ethical hacking). Since most universities and colleges cannot provide…

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