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A Beginner’s Guide — SitePoint – Website Design Article

In 2019, the web ecosystem has evolved to the point where the browser is an execution environment for applications built on JavaScript. This is reflected in the speed with which the industry comes up with new frameworks, paradigms, module loaders and bundlers, dependency managers, build tools, and package managers year after year. When JavaScript was conceived in the early days of the internet, the direction of internet development was not clear. Due to the constant, rapid change in the industry…

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How to Avoid DOM Blocking by localStorage and Other Culprits – Website Design Article

JavaScript programs run on a single thread in the browser and in runtimes such as Node.js. When code is executing in a browser tab, everything else stops: menu commands, downloads, rendering, DOM updates and even GIF animations. This is rarely evident to the user because processing occurs quickly in small chunks. For example: a button is clicked which raises an event that runs a function which makes a calculation and updates the DOM. Once complete, the browser is free to…

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