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Pros and Cons of WordPress Posts Comments – Website Design Article

When it comes to maintaining a blog, there are all kinds of decisions you have to make. And in today’s world, there isn’t a clear distinction between the decisions related to content and decisions related to the technical aspects of a blog.For example – should you allow users to make comments on your blog? There are many arguments for and against. And while many bloggers consider comment moderation to be a time-wasting effort, others believe that comments bring an important…

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How to Add Like/Dislike Buttons on WordPress Comments? (Step by Step Guide) – WordPress Website Design Article

A comment section can be one of the most engaging sections for any websites. It allows your audience to discuss the contents and leave the feedback, suggestions and recommendation to the creator. You can make it more engaging by giving the ability to the visitors to like/dislike each other’s comments. This will create direct engagement between your audiences as well as provide additional engagement with the content creators. If you are a WordPress user then, adding like/dislike buttons on comments…

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