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9 Advanced Uses for Gravity Forms in WordPress – WordPress Website Design Article

Regardless of what kind of website you run, forms can be very useful. They’re a simple and efficient way to build your email subscriber list, collect user feedback, enable customers to get in touch, and more. The first step to using them effectively is choosing a top form builder plugin, and here we’ll dive into the hugely popular option for WordPress, Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms offers thirty ready-to-use form fields and a huge library of third-party Add-Ons. Using these features,…

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Faster WordPress Speeds with Smush Image Optimization – WordPress Website Design Article

A fast loading website has many benefits for both you as a website owner and your visitors. Slow site speeds have been shown to not only hamper the user experience, resulting in reduced conversion rates and higher bounce rates, but it can also negatively affect the position of your website in the search engines results pages. While upgrading to a high-performance web host is a quick and effective way to improve website loading times, there’s also a free plugin you…

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