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13 Must-Hear WordPress Podcasts With Fresh Episodes for 2019 – WordPress Website Design Article

We’ve updated our list of must-hear WordPress podcasts for 2019. If you haven’t joined the podcast party yet, you’re missing out on intelligent and entertaining information from the brightest minds in WP. But first, fun-fact. The name podcast was coined way back in 2004, by BBC journalist Ben Hammersley when he combined the words iPod and broadcast to create the gem that is podcast. Here we are 15 years later, and podcasts are taking over while iPods have gone the…

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Our WordPress Podcast “Hello,WP!” Available Now – WordPress Website Design Article

Season 1 of our new podcast, “Hello, WP!”, about what it’s like to be new to WordPress, is now live at hellowp.world – go check it out! And let me tell you, your feedback and support has been more than special. Rave Reviews “I listened and was immediately blown away by its quality. I’m not just talking production value either. The content was deeply and fully explored but still completely approachable. It made me feel emotion, it made me want…

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