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WordPress Widgets: Refactoring, Part 12 – WordPress Website Design Article

As far as refactoring the WordPress Widget Boilerplate is concerned – especially given how far we’ve come since the project started eight years ago – we’ve done a lot of work. We’ve brought it up to a far more modern standard and we’re making it far easier to work with it such that building future widgets should be easier. And this is not only from the standard of the boilerplate but from an object-oriented standard so that maintenance and code quality…

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WordPress Widgets: Refactoring, Part 11 – WordPress Website Design Article

In the previous post, we walked through a lot of refactoring that separated concerns into their own classes. Ultimately, this helps show how we can maintain a high level of cohesion while not only working with classes in WordPress but doing so alongside pre-existing APIs. Because the last few posts on refactoring the code base have been so long, the current set of posts are focused on small, incremental changes and thus shorter, more focused posts. As mentioned in the…

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WordPress Widgets: Refactoring, Part 8 – WordPress Website Design Article

When it comes to refactoring the WordPress Widget Boilerplate, we’ve done a lot of work to bring the code base up to more object-oriented standard. Further, we’ve introduced a variety of other tools that allow us to bring our code up to more modern standards Now that we’ve spent time doing that, it’s time to jump back into the code and begin refactoring it in such a way that allows for the use of abstract classes and subscribers (that work as…

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