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Enhancing Website Design with UX Writing – Website Design Article

As a UX writer, it’s my job to know how to create web copy that convinces readers to take action. That said, it doesn’t matter how engaging of a story I craft for my clients’ web pages or blog posts. If what I’ve written looks terrible on the page, no one will bother to read it. Here’s the problem though: UX writers are not designers. No matter how many short sentences we write to succinctly communicate a point or jargon-free…

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30 Call to Action Examples that are Better than Learn More – Website Design Article

As I was compiling my banner ad design showcase I was struck by the variety of call to action (CTA) wording on the different ads. Thankfully, the traditional, weak “Learn More” was virtually nowhere to be seen. Based on these and other CTA best practices (see my button design showcase for more examples), here is a collection of call to action examples that you can use to improve your conversion rates on banners, emails, landing pages, and buttons just about anywhere. Of…

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