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How to paint colourful animation art in Photoshop

During this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll be going over several key concepts that I use as an illustrator. I’ll be talking about rough concepts, clean line work, colour, light and shadow, and some of the pitfalls that people (including myself) tend to fall into while working through an illustration.  I’ll be using Photoshop and talking about some of the tools that the program has and how those different features can be of help. 01. Sketch a rough concept Early sketches help…

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How to Design the Best Medical Website

0 According to statistics between November 2016 to January 2017, people have a rather high degree of trust (36%) towards online healthcare resources recommended by their own physicians or well-known providers of healthcare services. Given the rapid growth of IT and, in particular, the complex diagnosis of some diseases, we can affirm that such sites will become even more popular in the near future. In this article, we present a list of recommendations that will help you achieve…

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Get Things Done More Efficiently than Ever with

Designers know that communication and organization are essential to making a project successful. Otherwise, it’s just too easy to suffer from setbacks and misunderstandings. Working as a team means knowing who’s responsible for handling tasks, keeping tabs on progress and being mindful of deadlines. But even if you’re working on your own, you still need a way to stay on top of your to-do list. Thankfully, there is a solution. turns task management and collaboration into a visual experience.…

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Offboarding In The Online World — Smashing Magazine

By now, we’ve all heard about onboarding — the beginning of a relationship between a company and a user — but what about offboarding? Both go hand in hand as being two of the most important interactions you can have with a user, but offboarding gets much less publicity and sometimes is even altogether ignored. So, what exactly is it, and why is it so important? Offboarding is usually described as the interaction between a company and their customer at…

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Design Portfolio Website Tips

In this video I discuss how to build and design your online portfolio. I go over content, tools, case study recommendations, and other things to keep in mind. Personal design portfolios can be a lot of work but they are so important to have and to keep updated because they reflect who you are as a person as well as a designer. Here are some helpful links below. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with comments or questions! Portfolio…

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Master WordPress with these expert training courses

WordPress is one of the most popular tools on the web thanks to its flexibility to create everything from simple sites to some of the most elaborate. Learn the skills you need to master this popular platform with PressShack University WordPress Training. You can get lifetime access to these training tools that are on sale now for 96% off the retail price. WordPress is a great tool for any website. Whether you’re trying to get your website up and running…

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The Barbican and Crafts Magazine create Make! – A season of contemporary craft

The Barbican Shop has announced its first ever season of events with a series of talks, installations and practical workshops on the theme of making and craftsmanship. Curated by the Barbican’s retail team in partnership with Crafts Magazine, the event will run from the 17 March to 3 June. The season will allow visitors to explore traditional crafts with a contemporary twist, to meet the makers behind some of the shop’s favourite products, and to learn new skills in a…

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How Much Does A UI Designer Make

Have you ever thought about the UI designer salary you could get if you’d be in this field? How much does a UI designer make anyway? As key members of a software development team, user interface designers are responsible for creating and arranging a software’s user interface. For many software users, this is the only part of the program they will ever see and interact with. It’s an incredibly important element of software design. Sometimes user interface designers are hired…

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Onero – Creative Portfolio Theme for Professionals

This is a WordPress theme for a Photographer, Designer, Freelancer, Architects, Online Store or anyone else who want to showcase their works in a creative and beautibul way. Onero websites can be created with 3 simple click with an innovative installation setup wizard system. Setup Wizard can install dummy data and the required plugins automatically. After the installation is finished you have only to edit the content. Onero comes with this advanced and full option panel but very intuitive and…

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