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“We were really impressed with the creative thought processes that OntheWebIT brought to the project and the solutions that balanced our budget against our desires for the website. Overall it was a great service and we are happy to recommend them to anyone.”

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“Working with OntheWebIT has been an absolute pleasure. They have an incredible knack for turning the most complicated problems into simple, elegant solutions. They were always quick to respond to my questions and request and I felt genuinely well looked after.

Sarah Anderson

“Choosing OntheWebIT was the best decision we could have made. We are very happy and proud of the final website – one that will comfortably last us for years. We will definitely be using OntheWebIT’s services again in the future, and can’t recommend them highly enough.”

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Recording Studio – The Best Design and Location

Recording studios bring to mind very expensive high tech gadgets that only professional technicians know how to use to produce music. Most people think of these studios as being out in the countryside where it’s very peaceful and quiet, allowing for the artist’s natural talents to flow. There is in fact a much more diversified range of recording studios than you might expect, all with unique designs to cater for specific types of recording projects. For example, a speech and…

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What Is Mainstream And Niche PiggyBack? E-Commerce Web

Mainstream Piggy back When you use sites like Amazon and eBay to market your website and you don’t have your own website As with the Bricks and Clicks eCommerce businesses, we’ve divided this sector in two. PiggyBacking is the use of someone else’s infrastructure to get your products to market. That infrastructure usually includes: Website and payment system 1. Marketing 2. Brand awareness 3. Customer database So all the piggybacking business has to do is find the products, process, and…

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Responsive Web Design using AngularJS

This is one of the presentations from the February 2014 DFW Area AngularJS Meetup. Introduction on how to use AngularJS Services and Directives to handle some of the finer points of Responsive Web Design to improve your page speed and reduce the reduce download times. Topics to covered: • What is Responsive Web Design • The various strategies used to implement Responsive Web Design • Implementing the strategies in AngularJS with angular-responsive Slides can be found at Code can be…

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Website design dubai

Website design dubai – How to Build a Successful Website design in Dubai. Posted by Azizah Rashid on 2013-04-26 11:57:04 Tagged: , Website , design , dubai

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Magento Developer Powers Up Your Businesses Now With Ecommerce

These days no business can afford to ignore the benefits of selling online. The Internet is fast becoming the number one retail destination in the world as more and more consumers go online to purchase a wide range of goods and services. A Magento Developer can offer cost effective ways for you to get your business up and running online. Ecommerce Platforms Ecommerce software platforms provide businesses with the tools and features they need to start selling online. If you…

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Just Keep Scrolling! How To Design Lengthy, Lengthy Pages

    Websites with long or infinite scrolling are becoming more and more common lately, and it’s no mere trend or coincidence. The technique of long scrolling allows users to traverse chunks of content without any interruption or additional interaction — information simply appear as the user scrolls down the page. Infinite scrolling is a variety of long scrolling that allows users to scroll through a massive chunk of content with no finish line in sight (it’s the endless scrolling…

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How do you say Envato in Chinese?

There’s an old urban legend about Coca-Cola’s debut in China. The story goes that Coke’s branding team took a shot at localizing the soda’s name by choosing Chinese characters that sounded similar to the English “Coca-Cola”. Unfortunately, working from a place of ignorance, they failed to check the meaning of each character before product launch. They chose “蝌蝌龈蜡”. Meaning? “Bite the Wax Tadpole”. Yeowch. But did that really happen? Well, kind of. Thing is, the poor translation wasn’t actually crafted…

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