Avoid the mistakes I made when I designed my first few Niche marketing websites. Coming from a background of website design, I built my first few websites with all the latest graphics, gadgets and gizmos. The lesson I learned: Great website, But NO SALES

There are a few common mistakes that affiliate marketers make while designing a niche marketing website. Most consider them minor details but they play a big role in your sale conversions. So read on carefully and make sure you don’t make them when you design yours:


Adding unnecessary links and banners drives traffic away from your websites as it distracts the viewers. There are some situations in which they are unavoidable, but, they should be avoided as much as possible.

For example, if you’ve written a book on “how to play golf better” and trying to sell it through your website, you shouldn’t have a link to amazon.com at the top of your page. This is because Amazon doesn’t need your help to advertise itself. People all over the world are aware of it and trust it. If you place a link to Amazon on your homepage, not only will the users move over to Amazon, but considering the myriad other options that Amazon will provide them with, they are also likely to pick someone else’s book.


This is easy. “Just make it easy to find and simple to use”. Yep, that’s all you got to do with websites navigation. Make it simple for the users.


Good websites have uniformity. This keeps the viewers engaged and also gets your message across to them. Having too many colors and fonts makes you come across as being muddled up about your ideas and that is the last thing you want in this highly competitive market.


Make sure your background stays where it is meant to be – in the background. Refrain from using dark colors or too many patterns as it makes reading difficult and that is a big turn-off for the readers.


Today, speed means everything. You need a website that comes across as a breath of fresh air to do the trick. Just keep it simple and that is all you need to make your website a good one. Adding numerous images and graphics have a slim chance of making your website an attractive one, but a huge chance of making your website a failure. A compelling sales copy beats Graphics a hundred times over.


If your visitors end up spending the first few seconds figuring out how to make that unnecessary flash presentation stop or wait for the graphics to load, you can be rest assured that they won’t be back. Your job is to ensure that your website is simple, yet attractive and informative. Graphics and other features should enhance your product’s features and illustrate the benefits, not make it difficult to spot them.

So don’t try to build a website to win a design contest. Build a clean looking site that is easy to navigate. Has graphics that only necessary for the site promotes your brand or enhances the promotion of the product or service you are selling and keep your customers glued to your site with a great sales copy.

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