In this age and day, your business is more likely to prosper if you market your products or services online. This is mostly done through what is called internet marketing, which comprises of strategies like online advertisement, search engine optimization, and social media marketing, among others. Well, higher chances are that you probably know that if you’re reading this.

However, being successful in your internet marketing strategy will take more than just the above-mentioned key elements. How you do your web design is crucially important when it comes to not only attracting customers but serving them well and actually keeping them. Traffic, customer recruitment, client retention, sales, returns, and customer service all depend on web design, one way or another. This brings us to a commonly asked question by most determined online entrepreneurs. How important is web design for your business? Well, below are some pointers you should find helpful regarding the importance of web design in business.

1. Web Design Trends

Over the past several years, the art of website creation has revolutionized a lot. Unlike a few years ago, web designers are using more creative methods to ensure that websites they create become enticing and attractive to the intended visitors. They are concerned about the visitor’s experience from the first time he or she visits the landing page of the website to the maximum amount of times they stay on it or use it during revisits. Web designers are now using interesting HD videos, VR, high-quality images, interactive layouts, conversational interfaces, micro interactions, and other methods such as immersive storytelling to keep the reader/audience/visitor interested and increase the chances of future revisits.

It is more about creating a great user experience as opposed to providing a mammoth amount of content to the target audience. Other trending web design aspects include the use of simple text, overlapping text and images, duotone designs, illustrational content, and the use of geometry, among other creative approaches. All these are deemed to create the best user experience and mostly aim at achieving maximum traffic, client recruitment, and customer retention.

2. Page Loading Speed

How Important Is Web Design In Online BusinessWe’ve all visited a couple of websites and browsed through their pages in search of information, a service, or a particular product. Imagine having to wait for a whole three minutes after clicking on a link before the page loads fully. Whether you’re using cable, Wi-Fi, or even portable tethered mobile internet connection, that’s like spending hours if not days in your journey to the gents’ room or the ladies’ with a pressing short call.

The main point here is that how a website is designed, along with factors such as server hosting will have an impact on its speed. Coding, graphics, images, text fonts, and cinematographic effects all affect how long it takes to load a webpage and navigate the site. The best web design approach will ensure fast web page speed and reduce bounce rates (the rates at which visitors cancel web links/searches due to slow loading).

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3. Mobile Friendly Websites

It is almost a guarantee, that most modern day internet users will most of the times, access the internet through their mobile devices compared to using laptops and desktop computers. This is one of the reasons why mobile apps have also been a huge trend when it comes to internet marketing and online business.

Conversely, your web design strategy will also determine how much of your target client base is able to get information about your business. With a mobile-friendly website, your business’ exposure to the online community is maximized.

4. Hire a Good Web Design Company

From the above pointers, it is safe to say that your business’ performance online will largely depend on the web design company you choose to work with. A good web designer will ensure that your website’s interface is user-friendly, attractive, and enticing. They will ensure that the website is fast and that it is mobile-friendly.

5. Return on Investment

When it comes to ROI, your web design can either make or break your business. If it’s designed for fast page speed, provides a great user experience, and is mobile friendly, it will, in most cases, if not definitely, attract more traffic, retain more customers, and attract more sales. A great web design strategy is one of the secrets to ensuring the best return on investment when it comes to taking your business activities online.

6. Marketing

Depending on how it’s done, web design can also be a deal maker or breaker for online marketing. The more your visitors appreciate your website, the likelier they are likely to be loyal to your business. Web design is also a huge component of advertising. First time and repeat visitors are more likely to spread the word to their friends, colleagues, and social media followers if they like the experience on your website. A website that looks more professionally designed to suit the targeted interests is a better seller when it comes to marketing products and services online.

When looking for a good web design company to hire, make sure you consider their experience, reputation, and previous projects before looking at the costs. Combining great web design with other internet marketing concepts such as SEO and social media marketing increases your success in online business by a great margin.


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