You just turned 14 and just finished your last year of junior high school. This is the last summer before you start high school and you really want to have some fun, but in order to have fun these days you really need to have some money in your pocket and some extra cash saved in your bank account.

The only problem is finding a good job during the summertime which will also allow you to have enough time to enjoy your summer with your family and friends. Many established businesses won’t hire 14 year olds simply because they are too young or it would be a legal hassle to do so. With that in mind there are still some very good summer jobs that you can qualify for which can make you some very good money in order for you to have a great time during the summer. In this article we will take a look at a few of these niche jobs.

If you happen to be lucky enough to live along the coastal area than the perfect job for you as a girl or guy would be a lifeguard. As far as summer jobs for 14 year olds, being a lifeguard ranks as probably one of the best jobs that you can get not only because you work in a very fun atmosphere but you also learn how to be responsible, because when you are out there at the beach many people’s lives are in your hands.

In order to become a lifeguard you have to take a certification course, plus you also need to prove that you are a more than adequate swimmer. As far as how much you would get paid as a lifeguard it all depends on the state that you live in and whether your area is saturated with lifeguards or not, but generally the range of pay for lifeguards starts at minimum wage and goes all the way up to $20 an hour, but like I said again you need to do some homework and ask around about the pay in your area, but if you’re looking for a great job in which you mostly sit around all day and get a great tan than being a lifeguard is just the thing for you.

If however you do not live near a coastal area then it would be better for you to look in other directions for a job as a 14 year old. There are many 14 year olds that are very good when it comes to computer related things, and there are a lot of them that even have their own websites that they have built themselves. If you are also good at something like this then maybe you should do some freelance web design work on the Internet. Even during this very bad economy there is still a great demand for web designers out there and there are thousands of web design related forms in which posters are constantly in need of someone to design a website for them.

This is a niche that you can quickly start making money from and the beauty of web design work is that you can basically set your own hours so that you can do most of your work late at night or early in the morning and still have lots of time to enjoy your summer days. Most freelance web designers during the summertime don’t even work over the weekends. Believe it or not, web design work is a very high-paying job and even if you are 14 years old you could still make between $100 and $750 per web design. If you want to turn this into just a part-time summer job you would only need to perform between 5 to 10 web design projects and the money that you will get paid from this will usually last you throughout your summer vacation , and you will probably have some spare money left on the side to go shopping for some new clothes for when you start high school.

There are many ways to prove people wrong when they say that it is very hard to make money at your age, but as I have shown you with a little due diligence there are some great summer jobs for 14-year-olds out there.

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