Welcome to the Famous Five, 5 famous places Envato items have been used.

Rafael Nadal’s Official Website

Using:Verve – High-Style WordPress Theme by Pirenko

Track used in segment: Summer Future Bass by gilv

Tennis champion, Rafael Nadal is using Verve – High-Style WordPress Theme by Pirenko on his official website.

It’s a great endorsement of the theme’s simple, yet creative template, as it’s kept things pretty much at the default settings, and just added in the site’s content.

A great theme, fit for one of the greatest tennis players in the world.

Jack Whitehall’s Official Website

Using:TapTap: A Super Customizable WordPress Mobile Menu by BonfireThemes

Track used in segement: Summer Future Bass by Fonomo

Last time, on the Famous Five, I told you about British comedian, Jack Whitehall using Avada on his website. Well, this week we’ve discovered that, on that very same site, he’s using another Envato item as well.

TapTap, by BonfireThemes, is a super customizable WordPress Mobile Menu that the Whitehall site is using on top of Avada.

It’s simply laid out, and playful in the way that it animates. And an example of how you can blend two great items to make a perfect website.

Bolier & Redondo ft. Dana Sipos – Untangled (Official Music Video)

Using: Mountains by Rickyloca

Track used in segment: Melody Future Bass by cheasysound

DJs, Boiler & Redondo are using Mountains by Rickyloca in the official music video for their song “Untangled” ft. Dana Sipos.

Featuring a filtered version of this VideoHive stock footage, the aim of this video is mainly to establish a vibe through the visuals that matches, and supports the song, which it does very well.

The music video has gotten over 200 thousand hits on YouTube, and the song has been released by Spinnin’ Records, the same label as Calvin Harris and Tiesto.

Flocabulary Video for Teacher Appreciation Week

Using: Emotional Inspiring Cello & Piano by melodrama

For teacher appreciation week, which ran from May, 8 to May, 12 this year, Flocabulary, a US company that creates educational videos and materials, produced this video.

In it, they remember, and show appreciation for some of the teachers that played a big part in their lives.

A warm and fuzzy piece that fittingly uses Emotional Inspiring Cello & Piano by melodrama, underneath.

Kung Fu Yoga

Using: Breath Of Epic by REACTORENERGY

Track used in segment: Epic Adventure Game & Cinema Trailer by SilverHoof

And finally today, Jackie Chan’s latest film, Kung Fu Yoga is using Breath Of Epic by REACTORENERGY in its Russian trailer.

In the film, Chan plays a world-renowned archaeology professor, and goes on the hunt for lost ancient treasure when he, and his team, are ambushed and left for dead. This next bit’s an actual quote from the Google description: “Using his vast knowledge of history and kung fu, Jack (chan) leads his team on a race around the world to beat the mercenaries to the treasure and save an ancient culture.”

The film came out earlier this year, so expect to see it soon on a streaming service near you.


And that’s the Famous Five for this week.

Our logo was designed by designercow. This episode was written, presented and edited by me, Dom Hennequin, you can follow me on Twitter. And for more content like this have a look around here on the Envato Blog!

Please share this video with everyone you know, and I’ll see you next week for another Famous Five.

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